Drawing TH2 error bars

Hello rooters,

I have a TH2 and I need to draw the error bars of the distribution in each bin in a certain axis. I don’t know if its very clear… If I add “E” to the drawing options, it draws the error bars of each bin, both in x and y axis, creating a 3D histogram. What I need is the error bars of the distribution of the points projected in one of those axis.

The easiest way to explain it is: if I draw the TH2 with “col” option, I get a 2D plot with density of each bin. I would like to draw the point in the centre of that distribution, with the error bars indicating its y dispersion in each bin.

I have done it already in the past, I remember the option existed, but now I cannot find it… If someone could help me I would be delighted!

Thank you!

Ok, I found the answer myself… the draw option is “profs”

I think it would be interesting to add this option to drawing documentation (for example, root.cern.ch/root/html534/THistPainter.html)