Drawing TChain variables with cuts

I know that if I have a TTree*, and I would like to draw a corresponding variable, let’s say “X”, of that TTree with a cut, I can do the following.

What I would like to do is exactly this, but for a multitude of root files each with the TTree “tree”, and on the same canvas. I planned on doing this by making a TChain initialized with “tree”, add all of my desired root files to that TChain, and then do a simple Draw() function of the variable “X”, which is in each “tree”, with a condition. Suppose that condition is that all values of the variable “Y” be greater than 5, so that “Y>5.” is the condition.

This is how I’ve attempted it.

TChain* chain = new TChain("tree");

TCanvas* canv = new TCanvas("canv","plot",1);

This, however, doesn’t seem to be working. The plot is made, but the cut seems to just be skipped.

Could you tell me the correct way to do this?

TChain and TTree work identically in this respect.
Are you sure that the cur is effective? Is the cut shown as string in the title of the plot you obtain?