Drawing TBits object in a TTree (Repost)

Sorry for reposting but since wasn’t any reply for my post at Drawing TBits object in a TTree , I thought that the post might have been missed and I am posting it here:
I am facing a new problem with drawing TBits in a TTree. I made the skeleton class for my tree using MakeClass.
If I draw the TBits branch without calling the constructor of the skeleton class, it works fine. But, it crashes if the skeleton class constructor is called before drawing the TBits branch. The drawing of non-TBits branches do not show such a behavior. I use 5.32/00-rc1 in ubuntu. I am attaching the sample code along with the tree here. Please compile it with:
g++ -o test testClass.C test.C -I $ROOTSYS/include root-config --glibs
Am I missing something in my code or is this a bug?
The crash report:
#10 0x0129ad2e in TBits::GetNbits (this=0x0) at include/TBits.h:139
#11 0x0275103b in TSelectorDraw::ProcessFillObject (this=0xa5d6500)
at /home/samuel/QtRoot04/root/tree/treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:1268
#12 0x0275051e in TSelectorDraw::ProcessFill (this=0xa5d6500, entry=0)
at /home/samuel/QtRoot04/root/tree/treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:1132
#13 0x02789267 in TTreePlayer::Process (this=0xa5b7c30, selector=0xa5d6500,
option=0x1c556c8 “”, nentries=8615, firstentry=0)
at /home/samuel/QtRoot04/root/tree/treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:2172
#14 0x0277fbdf in TTreePlayer::DrawSelect (this=0xa5b7c30,
varexp0=0x804b74e “xstriphits_0”, selection=0x1c556c8 “”,
option=0x1c556c8 “”, nentries=1000000000, firstentry=0)
at /home/samuel/QtRoot04/root/tree/treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:410
#15 0x01b60618 in TTree::Draw (this=0xa31e078,
varexp=0x804b74e “xstriphits_0”, selection=0x1c556c8 “”,
option=0x1c556c8 “”, nentries=1000000000, firstentry=0)
at /home/samuel/QtRoot04/root/tree/tree/src/TTree.cxx:3896
#16 0x01b3df05 in TTree::Draw (this=0xa31e078, opt=0x804b74e “xstriphits_0”)
at include/TTree.h:343
#17 0x0804b0f4 in main ()
root_test.tar.gz (1.43 MB)


The SetMakeClass mode (aka the call to SetMakeClass(1)) explicitly does not support reading any objects (including TBits) out of the TTree. The purpose of SetMakeClass is to decompose the content of the TTree in its sub-components (ints, floats, etc).