Drawing only two axes


I make plots using following code

CC[ii] = new TCanvas(CName.c_str(), CTitle.c_str(), 800, 600);
Int_t NX = 10, NY = 10;
Float_t XMin = 0.0, XMax = 140, YMin = 0.0, YMax = 600;
HH[ii] = new TH2F(HName.c_str(), HTitle.c_str(), NX, XMin, XMax, NY, YMin, YMax);

HH[ii] -> Draw();

for (Int_t ipl = 0; ipl < NFiles; ipl++) {
           Gr1[ipl] = new TGraphErrors(IFramesNumber[ipl], XX, YY, EXX, EYY);

My question is, how to modify this code so I would get only two axes, bottom horizontal
and left vertical ? TWbox class has a method SetBorderMode but I don’t have a clue
what it does.

I appreciate any help.


Before creating your canvas(es), do: