Drawing histograms without vertical lines

Hello ROOTers
I want to draw a set of histograms without the vertical lines at the bin edges. The draw option (“][”) works for removing the first and last such lines, but I am not sure how to remove the others.
I have tried using markers, but they do not cover the bin width which would be preferred.

You can set the bin errors in x and y, and draw with the option “e” or “e2” (see below), e.g.

  gStyle->SetErrorX(0.5);  // fraction of bin width

  const int Nbins = 12;

  auto h = new TH1F("h","test",Nbins,-4,4);

  float yerr = 0.2;  // adjust accordingly; gives vertical thickness if Draw("e2") is used
  for (int i=1;i<=Nbins;++i) h->SetBinError(i,yerr);

  // h->Draw("e");


Thanks for this, just what I wanted