Drawing filled histogram obscures axis and frame


I have a problem with regular, filled histograms.

I’m trying to draw into one plot first one filled histogram and then one open histogram. The problem is that the filled histogram obscures the frame one the right side of the plot. I attached an example: In the plot on the left the black line (frame) to the right of the plot (opposite the y-axis, so to say) sits behind the filled histogram.

I tried fixing this with a number of combinations drawing again and again with HIST SAME and/or AXIS, but I guess I need help. Here’s what I did to produce this plot:
//h_sig->Draw(“AXIS SAME”); // this doesn’t help

I’m using root v3_05_04b-GCC_3_1 on Red Hat 7.3.


plot.eps.gz (3.7 KB)

the option “sameaxis” was not implemented in the version 3.05/04.
It was in the PRO released version 3.05/07.
With your version, instead do


OK, thanks for that option. That solves the problem with the axis when I draw the filled histo first.
There is still something going on with the frame opposite the y-axis though.
I marked up my plot with some comments and attached it for clarification (sorry for the size - Illustrator does that…).


plot_edit.eps.gz (325 KB)

This is now a different problem that has been solved in version 3.10/02