Drawing dose volume histograms (DVHs)

I want to draw Dose Volume Histograms(DVHs).

I get TH3D dose distribution output from the geant4 Monte Carlo simulation.

I don’t know if there is a direct or simple way by ROOT for drawing DVHs.

I did some try on my own simple algorithm, I create a 1D dose histogram and count the minimum voxels for each bin but it not work and was not general and an efficient algorithm.

I appreciate it if someone has a better algorithm or a direct simple way for drawing DVH from TH3D dose distribution.

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I didn’t know what a DVH is, so I googled it. It looks like a simple TH1, doesn’t it? If so, could you maybe explain a bit more what is it you are trying to do? Maybe also share your algorithm and show exactly what isn’t working properly?

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You can project a 3-d histogram into 1-d or 2-d (also profile) histograms:

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hi Wile_E_Coyote and yus
thanks for your reply,

DVHs is a 1-D histogram that represents the fraction of phantom(or any other structure) volume that received a certain or higher dose.

in my TH3D dose distribution, each bin represents a volume(voxel) and its content is “received dose”.

for drawing DVH we must define a 1D histogram with 100 bin in range 1 to 100( which are dose percents) and count the minimum number of voxels that their dose summation is equal to these dose bin.