Draw the same TGraph in 2 pad of the same canvas

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to draw the same TGraph in two pad of a canvas but with 2 different x range. The problem is that I get always the same range in the two plot; that is I get two identical plot. Can you help me?
I used this code:

Tcanvas *canvas = new TCanvas();

Moreover I would like to use two different title for the two plot… maybe I need to clone the TGraph object and then modify it? Can you explain how I could do?

Thank you

Instead of: graph->GetXaxis()->SetRangeUser(a,b); graph->Draw("AL"); try: TGraph *g = ((TGraph *)(graph->DrawClone("AL"))); g->GetXaxis()->SetLimits(a, b); // gPad->Modified(); gPad->Update(); // make sure it's really (re)drawn

Thanks Willy. Now It works!