Draw in root prompt w different colors


I have a simple question. I need to quickly check root files and I need to superimpose different plots with different color or marker from root command line.
See below the example with cernstaff.root

ROOT 5.34/34 (v5-34-34@v5-34-34, Oct 02 2015, 16:30:37 on win32)

root [1] TBrowser c
root [2] T->Draw(“Age:Dision”,“Nation==“FR””,"");
Error in TTreeFormula::Compile: Bad numerical expression : “Dision"
Info in TSelectorDraw::AbortProcess: Variable compilation failed: {Age:Dision,Nation==“FR”}
root [3] T->Draw(“Age:Division”,“Nation==“FR””,”
root [4] T->Draw(“Age:Division”,“Nation==“IT””,“SAME”);
root [5] T->Draw(“Age:Division”,“Nation==“CH””,“SAME”);
root [6]

I would like to plot for instance the Italian nationality with a different color and a different marker type on the same canvas. Same for CH, or GE etc…

Can you let me know how I can quickly do this?
Thank you

{ TFile *f = TFile::Open("cernstaff.root"); // https://root.cern.ch/root/html534/TAttMarker.html T->SetMarkerColor(kBlack); T->SetMarkerStyle(1); T->Draw("Age:Division"); // everybody T->SetMarkerColor(kGreen); T->SetMarkerStyle(25); T->Draw("Age:Division", "Nation==\"FR\"", "SAME"); T->SetMarkerColor(kBlue); T->SetMarkerStyle(2); T->Draw("Age:Division", "Nation==\"IT\"", "SAME"); T->SetMarkerColor(kRed); T->SetMarkerStyle(5); T->Draw("Age:Division", "Nation==\"CH\"", "SAME"); }