Draw a composite volume with intersection

When I define a composite shape with intersction. Is it possible to draw only the intersection part of the two shapes?

Take the one in geodemo.C for example:
TGeoPgon *pgon = new TGeoPgon(“pg”,0.,360.,6,2);

TGeoSphere *sph = new TGeoSphere(“sph”, 40,45);
TGeoTranslation *tr = new TGeoTranslation(0,0,45);

TGeoCompositeShape cs = new TGeoCompositeShape(“mir”, "pgsph:tr");

When a volume with this “mir” shape is drawn, we will also see the pgon and sph, how to set them invisible and only the intersetion part is drawn.

Raytracer will do, but it is too slow.

The visualization of composite shapes is currently only possible with the ray tracing.
We are working on an implementation that
will also work with the openGL viewer, but
this work will probably not be finished before January.