Draw 1D histogram on vertical axis

Dear people,
I wonder if one can draw 1D histograms on the vertical axis of a 2D histogram frame in root.
I better show what I mean with the following picture:

The red line is a 1D histogram on the variable in the Y axis of the colorful 2D histogram.

see: root.cern.ch/root/html/THistPainter.html#HP10

Only bars.
What a pity, I would need a line:
The histogram should go on top of a 2D one, just like in the example attached above (with bars is too ugly).
In addition, I’d prefer to put the histo in the right side, and “hbar” only works in the left side.
Thanks anyway.

You can use a TGraph.

Hi Olivier,

Below’s what I use to do this on my side (diff against 5.32.00).
(Sorry for the stupid names).

This could be a start to implement something more generic…
THistPainter.diff.tgz (1.18 KB)

A bit too primitive to be included into the trunk.