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I encountered same issue already posted in drag_and_drop.C but in ROOT 6.24/00. The drag_and_drop.C macro from tutorials/gui/ doesn’t work, dragging item to canvas does nothing. It works only after opening the TBrowser via File->Browse and it works also after manually closing the TBrowser. It will also work after adding new TBrowser() into the main drag_and_drop() function, however it stops working after calling destructor.

I am working on a GUI which will run on different distributions and ROOT versions. I am looking for some quick and dirty fix, for example is it possible to run TBrowser without the GUI?

I am using CentOS7 and ROOT 6.24 and I reproduced it also on Debian9 with both ROOT 5.34 and 6.18.


Hi, this is weird. I’ll investigate.

Well, you might try something like:

new TBrowser();

But it will most probably not help…

new TBrowser();

This unfortunately doesn’t work :frowning:.

That’s not really surprising. I’ll try to reproduce the issue. So far, all I can say is that the master works on Ubuntu…

@bellenot any update? If you need to reproduce the problem, I can share my virtual Debian 9 machine with you.

That would be helpful, thanks

@bellenot Hi again, did you had a chance to look at it? thanks

Hi @mbalogh , not yet, unfortunately. I’ll let you know

As far as I remember, switching from a session “without graphics” to a session “with graphics” never worked (one could only switch the other way around).

Hi @mbalogh, this is now fixed in ROOT master (by commit 4ab7215c) and will be part of the coming v6.26/00 release. Thanks for sharing the VM!

Thank you for the solution! :slight_smile:

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