Downloading ROOT v6.30.06 on Windows 10 Pro

ROOT Version: 6.30.06
Platform: Windows 10 Pro
Compiler: Not Provided

I tried to download ROOT using the exe file for windows. When I try to run it I get the following error message:
Assertion failed: !(isOverridden && isOutOfDate) && “an overridden cannot be out-of-date”, file C:\ROOT-CI\src\interpreter\llvm-project\clang\include\clang/Serialization/ModuleFile.h, line 78
What does this mean and how do I fix it? I simply downloaded the exe file and clicked on it to run.

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Which exact file did you download? Which version of Visual Studio do you have (if any)? How did you start ROOT?

I’m not able to add links to my posts but I used to download the exe file. It said that once I download it, I can just double-click on it to run it, but that’s when I got this error.
I had Visual Studio 2022 downloaded but Im uninstalling it and downloading it again because Ive encountered some problems when downloading other packages with it before.

I’m not asking for the link, but the exact file name (there are four different Windows executables…), then those executables are self-installer, not the ROOT application per se.

This error is weird, since C:\ROOT-CI is from our CI, and I don’t see how you can have an error coming from our CI. Can you try with a zip file instead?

I downloaded this file: Windows Visual Studio 2022 64-bit x64 [root_v6.30.06.win64.vc17.exe] but Im trying to get it to work with the zip file. Thanks for your help!

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