Double32 and TBranch creation


Using ROOT 5.08.00b on Linux.

I am interested in declaring a TBranch in a TTree as a Double32 via a TTree::Branch call. I may not have dug in deeply enough into the documentation, but I do not see a definition beyond:

  • C : a character string terminated by the 0 character
  • B : an 8 bit signed integer (Char_t)
  • b : an 8 bit unsigned integer (UChar_t)
  • S : a 16 bit signed integer (Short_t)
  • s : a 16 bit unsigned integer (UShort_t)
  • I : a 32 bit signed integer (Int_t)
  • i : a 32 bit unsigned integer (UInt_t)
  • F : a 32 bit floating point (Float_t)
  • D : a 64 bit floating point (Double_t)
  • L : a 64 bit signed integer (Long64_t)
  • l : a 64 bit unsigned integer (ULong64_t)

How would I define the branch to use a Double32? Use -F?



Currently Double32_t is only recognized when used as a class
data member type declaration.