Double-log scale option(logx;logy) not working in jsroot

Dear jsroot developers

I found that double-log scale option doesn’t work.

However, it works well in context menu.
Could you fix this problem?
And could you add ‘toggle stat’ option to URL sting options?
Thanks in advance

Hi Hokim,

To achieve that you want, do:…/files/hsimple.root&item=hpx;1&opt=logx,logy,nostat,hist

Here ‘hist’ option is important.
To disable statbox, specify ‘nostat’

I will fix the problem, that draw option ‘logx;logy’ produces no output.


Hi Hokim,

Now it is also possible to avoid ‘hist’ option:…/files/hsimple.root&item=hpx;1&opt=logx,logy,nostat

Code in repository and on JSROOT web sites.



My intention was to draw one more histograms on grid 2x2 layout. So I used not ‘item’ and ‘opt’ but ‘items’ and ‘opts’ and not comma but semicolon for delimiter of option.
Anyway your fix works well.

Thanks a lot again