Double click Root file

I’m trying to double click on myfile.root file so it opens automatically like it does on windows. I’m running Mac OSX .7 and I’ve installed one of the binaries. Can someone help me with that please.


we’ve not packed up ROOT as an application bundle linked with its file types. However, we are working on a MacOS X native version of ROOT and then will provide this feature. We’ve added it to our todo list.

Cheers, Fons.

I am also running Mac OSX. I suggest you to have a look at open-source software Platypus, the website is
It can generate a application from a script file. I write a simple file to open root file in terminal, which named bro, then, I just need to use platypus to generate an application from a simple sh script which is /usr/local/bin/bro $1, and set the application to accept the dragged file.
The generated application has some problems, for example, it will not open another root file until you close last file. Maybe you can find a good way to deal with it. But in any way, you should try this, it can help you a little.