Does TSQLServer::Connect throw an Exception?

I would like to manage a failure of connection with a TSQLServer,
I didn’t find any information concerning an Exception with the TSQLServer,
Does TSQLServer::Connect throw an exception if the connection fails ?

If yes where can I find information on the Exception type ?

If not, how can I get information on the reason why the connection failled ? ( i.e If I use a wrong password or if the server is not running for example)

Yes I recently used a lot java and take the bad habit of try/catch :smiling_imp:


You did not specify ROOT version and kind of SQL server.
I cannot help you if I cannot see code that you running.

Generally, ROOT sql classes do not produce any exceptions.
If such exceptions produced by underlaying libraries (like Oracle does),
all exceptions are catched and not propogated further.

In TSQLServer::Connect() method in case of error you should get NULL pointer and see error output on terminal.

to get more info about correct arguments for different databases.