Does the order in hadd matters?

does the order in hadd matters?

I hope no! but It seems that when I swap the order of the source files for hadd I am getting different results please have a look

[lxplus205] ~/scratch0/merging/43439reco > hadd -f merge.root Output6-10.root Output1-5.root
Target file: merge.root
Source file 1: Output6-10.root
Source file 2: Output1-5.root
Target path: merge.root:/
[lxplus205] ~/scratch0/merging/43439reco > hadd -f merge.root Output1-5.root Output6-10.root
Target file: merge.root
Source file 1: Output1-5.root
Source file 2: Output6-10.root
Target path: merge.root:/
*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x084fb4f0 ***
[lxplus205] ~/scratch0/merging/43439reco >

In the second example in fact it is crashing… Output1-5.root and Outpu6-10.root where the result from another hadd of 5 files produced in batch… without any problem!

Target file: Output6-10.root
Source file 1: GlobalRootFile.029E39F5-DF26-DD11-A3AD-001D09F24489.root
Source file 2: GlobalRootFile.02B17CC4-E226-DD11-AC97-001D09F23D04.root
Source file 3: GlobalRootFile.02D295FB-E426-DD11-B349-001617E30CE8.root
Source file 4: GlobalRootFile.02DFACB2-EB26-DD11-9DB7-000423D99658.root
Source file 5: GlobalRootFile.02FD2E22-CD26-DD11-8438-001D09F29538.root
Target path: Output6-10.root:/

Target file: Output1-5.root
Source file 1: GlobalRootFile.00608671-F226-DD11-9318-001617E30D38.root
Source file 2: GlobalRootFile.007790B2-F426-DD11-A9CC-001617C3B6DC.root
Source file 3: GlobalRootFile.00B745FC-DD26-DD11-8AA4-001D09F23A20.root
Source file 4: GlobalRootFile.022CEA5D-D426-DD11-A10B-000423D99AA2.root
Source file 5: GlobalRootFile.02628750-E126-DD11-BABF-000423D6BA18.root
Target path: Output1-5.root:/

I would appreciate any help with that

Best Regards


The order does not matter. In case your files contain different levels of sub-directories, the resulting file may have the sub-dirs in a different order.
To understand your problem:
-please identify your version number
-store a copy of the two files in a public area (eg on afs or web server)