Does TF1:fNpx affect fit results?

As far as i concerned, the fNpx variable affect the TF1::GetRandom (and its overload). I am wondering if that fNpx also affect the fit results on histograms and graph (afterall they are binned data)?

so I generated a pseudodata and fit with functions of (exaclty) the same form but different Npx, and I ended up with exactly the same fit results (parameters, their errors and chi2).

is it the way that TF1 works (Npx setting doesnt have effect on fitting) ?

ROOT Version: 6.24.00 (conda-forge)
Platform: ubuntu 20.04 (wsl)
Compiler: gcc9

Npx” is used for drawing and should not affect fitting (unless you use “TF1::GetRandom” or something related).

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