Does ROOT have an official citation?

How does one properly reference ROOT in a paper or a proposal? Geant4 gives their official papers for citation on their home page. I wasn’t able to find anything for ROOT on the main page, or the About page, or the Reference Manual page.

yes, see .

What About page did you check? has a “Cite us” link in the navbar.


I’ve always used (for at least the past 15 years) as the top level link. That page has a navbar with the following links:

“ROOT Data Analysis Framework”
“About” (which appears to be a circular reference)
“Get Started”
“Forum & Help”
“Blog Posts”
[Search] (no associated link)
[Menu three bar icon] (no associated link)

If I follow the “About” link, it seems like there’s a redirection to “”, but I get the same navbar as above. and point to the same address. The top bar is the same for the whole website but also contains that link I shared above (on small screens, it’s hidden under a “toggle menu” button).


Ah. “Small screens” like laptops. I guess we should only be using ROOT if we have a 25" Mac video editing monitor, or maybe when we’re in the LHC control room on the real Big Screens? :wink:

Thank you for your help! That cite is just what I was looking for.

Thanks for the comment. Could you share your screen resolution with us? It’s indeed a bit scary that “laptop” sails under “mobile device”…

Heh. From my “About this Mac”:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
Built-in Display 13.3-inch (1280 x 800)
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB graphics

So I’m getting the “mobile device” version of ROOT by default? That seems to happen to me on a number of sites: “Cmd -” (Zoom out) changes a site from having a gigantic menu icon to looking like a normal Web site. But it doesn’t seem to help the ROOT main page: It keeps the same look, and even seems to force the same font size (overriding the user’s zoom state :frowning: ).

On the About page, I do see that Zoom-out changes the [Toggle menu +] to a sidebar with its own scroll bar (even though it’s only half the screen high), and the “Cite Us” I was looking for is below the scroll bar.

Thank you for your help!