Documentation of friend functions

Hi everybody,

I was using a TString object and I needed to add a “char*” at the beginning,
and an overloaded operator+ would have done the job.
I was (and I am) quite sure that was possible (like string objects of STL) but,
to avoid risks I looked at docs.
I didn’t find what I was looking for: no base classes to search through, no inline
functions or anything else.

Looking at the code I discovered that the operator+ was a global function (isn’t it?)
that TString makes its friend.

Can THtml handle correctly friends classes and function?
How could I have got this info from docs?
There is a workaround or I have only to learn better how use documentation?

Thanks in advance.
Greets, Germano

THtml is currently being completely rewrite by Axel Nauman. The layout and the content of the resulting documentation will be much improved (including documentation of inline function and free functions).