Docker images and Root 5


Been trying to setup CI on a gitlab repo which uses ROOT 5. I am a newbie with this.

Initially I just put a base cc7 image, and was trying to source the CVMFS files, but was getting errors without info.

Failing with this, I found out that there are Root images actually (rootproject/root:latest) but they only seem to include Root 6.

I guess there is a more obvious and easy way to load the root libraries in a docker image, but I cannot find yet how.
(I also tried to locally add Root 5 to a cc7-base image, in order to upload after, but failing so far)

thanks in advance,


I would strongly suggest to move to ROOT 6 (and benefit from the Docker images that are already there), but if this is not an option, I believe the best bet would be to build ROOT 5 from sources inside the image.

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