Docker Image Update?

I make some Docker images based on the official docker image on dockerhub, but I found it outdated. Could you update the image again?

In particular, currently the python modules are compiled for python 2, but the support for python 2 would end soon and many other libraries will stop the support. As the root compile flag can change the supported python version, I would like to ask you to change the python version to 3.x as well.

Also, there seems to be a pull-request for the image to be based on ubuntu 18.04, so could you use the newer image based on that?

By the way, isn’t it impossible to let the CI to build the Docker image and update it to dockerhub? (I guess it takes too much time to let dockerhub itself to do that.) I saw there has been other topics here to ask the docker image update and feel it is inefficient to ask that each time.

Thank you.

FYI here is a couple of scripts that:

(the build-cxx-root.go part could be adapted to build more of ROOT)


Please use the Fedora based image if you can. That is updated automatically. Cheers,

I see. Is the ubuntu version not supported any more?

The Jenkins build for that image is not running anymore as far as I can tell, but it will also get updated soon. There is currently a pull request open for it (see You can also build an image based on our current recipes from that repository.

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