Docker Image Outdated

Hi all,

I have a question about the root docker container (
In the description of the tags you write:

“The snapshot tag is the last working commit in the ROOT master branch that passed all tests. It may be more unstable than other tags, but is intended for users to test and try out the bleeding edge of what is available in ROOT.”

This is exactly what I want as I would like to test some recent developments in the RDataFrame. Sadly the last container is two months old. Is it possible to update the container again?


Never mind. I loaded the wrong tag. Sorry for the noise.

Edit: No, the snapshot is definitely newer but does not correspond to the tip of the master. At least I cannot read an array of bools in the RDataFrame using the docker container, while it does work with a compiled version of the master branch.

I looked at the logs and found the problem. I will fix it today and restart the docker image build. Cheers,

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Sorry, had a change of plans… My two girls were born on Monday :slight_smile: I will try to fix today.

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