Dividing TH1 by TEfficiency?

Dear Rooters,

I’m currently unfolding my data of a cross section measurement and got stuck. For my measurement data I use TH1 histograms as a container but for the efficiencies I use TEfficiency (for correct error treatment). The efficiency distributions and the histograms have the same number of data points and same “binning”. In fact I created the TEfficiency using two TH1. Now I need to divide my data points (TH1) by the efficiency (TEfficiency) for the first unfolding step, but I was not able to find out how this works. In my understanding histograms can only be divided by histograms and not by graph-like objects. Is there a hidden way to get around this problem (including proper error treatment) or do I need to invent my own object?

Many thanks

Hi Christoph,

I’m indeed not aware of any functionality in ROOT that would allow you to divide a histogram by a TEfficiency.

Cheers, Axel.