DistancetoPrimitive in RootShower

I have a stand alone program that I have modeled after RootShower. What I can not
do is get my program to respond to DistancetoPrimitive the way RootShower does.

Is there something I have to set in order to get this hooked up to my TGMainFrame?

How is the connection made between DistancetoPrimitive and the shower display?


Hi Chris,

Please send me your code (bellenot_b@bluewin.ch), I will take a look.


I’m not quite sure why my original example didn’t work. However, I did
make a subclass of a TGraph and ended up being able to do what I
wanted. Thankfully.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

See: root.cern.ch/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2226 .
It replies your question I hope.