Discourse for a ticketing system?


Since you guys are running a fantastic Discourse forum and have a lot of experience, I would like to ask your opinion on using Discourse as a ticketing system. Do you have an opinion about this? How do you know which topics are still open? How do you know which have been answered by your team? And which still need to answered? And do you get reminded about open topics?


Hi Ralf,

We already have Jira as issue/bug/task tracking system, and GitHub can also be used to keep track of issues. So I wouldn’t use Discourse for that purpose (but that’s only my personal opinion…)

Cheers, Bertrand.


Personal opinion, I agree with @bellenot, discourse is not meant as a ticketing system and it will feel clunky and awkward if used as such.

Topics can be closed (either automatically e.g. after a given period of inactivity, or manually).

I don’t think you can do these kinds of advanced searches in discourse. I guess you could use tags…? But that’s a bit of an abuse of the feature.

Not as far as I know.


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Hi Bertand,

Thanks for your reply. That means you are running two(!) systems, right? And what is the link between them? I mean can a Discourse topic and a Jira ticket be related? Can a solution for one close the other? This sounds a bit conceptual but we are a rather small team and would ideally have a single system in which we can see what users we still need to answer in order to give them help or fix their problem.


Hi Enrico,

Is that why you are using Jira? Because Discourse doesn’t have those features? And Jira has them?
Are you aware of the following meta discourse topic?

I haven’t tried it out myself, yet …


Well, yes, but we only have one bug tracking system, which is Jira. And yes, Jira and GitHub are somehow connected, but one can only open/close/resolve issues in Jira itself.
I think you should perform some tests to see what is the most appropriate solution for your use case…

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