Disappearing files in PROOF data directory?

Hi PROOFers,

When running with TProofOutputFiles in ‘dataset’ mode, the output files stay on the worker nodes and the output list contains a TFileCollection with the files listed inside. So far so good. Then, if this TFileCollection is registered as a dataset, the files should stick around. What has started happening is that these files apparently are getting cleaned up by something and disappearing, regardless of their status as registered or not. Any ideas? I can’t find anything that calls TProof::ClearData() automatically anyway, which I think is the only function that clears out the data directories.


Hi Bart,

In the case of a dataset the files should not be touched.
Where is the data directory located? (Default in the sandbox).
Can you make sure that there is no automatic service cleaning the area?


Hi Gerri,

Yes, the files are in the sandbox, in our case /atlas/proof/username/data/…

I will ask our admin about any automatic cleanup, but I don’t think anything like that is running.