Disable unwanted screen output

Hello, I am invoking an instance of the Brent solver, but there seems to be a screen output that cannot be disabled if the solver can’t find a suitable interval for the search for roots.

At line 116 of the file BrentMethods.cxx there is a sequence of std::cout that I can’t seem to disable short of a complete recompilation of ROOT. The previous MATH_INFO_MSG can be controlled via gErrorIgnoreLevel, but those std::cout are apparently non modifiable.


I have temporarily solved the issue redirecting the stdout to /dev/null but it’s a really baroque solution. I think it would be better to comment those cout’s, or at least introduce some kind of verbosity variable to suppress the output. (Of course it is entirely possible that this verbosity flag already exists and I am unable to locate it)

ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: Kubuntu 19.10
Compiler: gcc 9.2.1-ubuntu2

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@moneta could you take care of this?

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for reporting this. It has been fixed after your report in the ROOT master version.

Best regards