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Disable printing of "Processing .."

When processing a C file with “root myfile.C” is there a way to disable the message “Processing myfile.C…” ? (i see also that a newline is prepended to this message)
Thank you!


root -e '.x myfile.C'

Thanks @pcanal ! indeed, there is no longer a message printed, but a new line is printed nevertheless …
Would be possible to have a flag to disable any not-requested output? (Or just disable by default?)
If one would like to use root for small applications (scripting like, instead of bash/awk and python) is quite
an annoyance that there is a requirement of root.exe -l -e ".x my_script.C"
Are there any reasons to have stuff printed by default? Would the devs be willing to contemplate the removal of any default printing (banners, welcome messages, etc …)? (the argument being to make ROOT a functional replacement for bash/awk/python or other interpreter with a similar behavior)
Thank you!

Hi @adrian_sev ,
please open a GitHub issue (the “improvement” kind) with the request, this can be discussed (I don’t know if it’s a no-brainer because certainly there are scripts out there that rely on that newline being printed, possibly just because they unconditionally skip the first line of output).


sure, done! Thanks!

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