Disable autoparsing

Is there a way to disable autoparsing headers at run time in a compiled root program?


yes, there is: https://root.cern.ch/doc/master/classTCling.html#aa43b56fc9f543296d4e74f15119fc52b
The point is whether you really need to de-activate the featureā€¦




The main reason for wanting to disable autoparsing is that on some batch
nodes, not all required headers are available. Therefore, we want all
required dictionaries generated at compile time.

A secondary reason is saving resources (especially memory) at run time.


Hi Herb,

I think parsing is triggered by interactive usage of classes. W/o interactive usage there is no parsing and w/o parsing interactice usage is impossible. In summary, it seems that if you do not have any bit of interpreted code in your executable, I think parsing will not happen (not even for IO, not even for any interrogation of the type system which does not involve getting lists of functions or methods).

I hope this helps,

The other case where autoparsing can be triggered in the case of missing dictionary of a classes of objects being stored.

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