Disable and enable of TGRadioButton

I would like to disable and enable TGRadioButton, but I have a problem. When I disable some radio buttons of a button group, when I select an enabled radio button the overall radion buttons disabled become enabled.
It is possible to try this with the script as attachment.
Where is the problem?

Thank you very much
Andrea Bulgarelli
test3.C (975 Bytes)

Hi Andrea,

Indeed there was a bug in TGButton::SetDown method. I have sent the fix and it will be available in the cvs very soon. Thank you for reporting this problem.

Best regards, Ilka

It’s back!

Funny posting to a decade old thread. But I run into the exact same bug.
After I set the states of the buttons in the group, the disabled TGRadioButton knows it is not active, that is, IsActive returns false, but this is no longer indicated visually. Adding the following line after setting the state of the buttons works around the bug:

if not self.a_button.IsActive():
    self.a_button.SetEnabled( False )

So that the GUI reflects the fact that “a_button” is not active.