Diffs to build v5.25.02 on FreeBSD-7.2-STABLE


I needed to build root on FreeBSD machines. To build it in that environment (configured simply with ‘freebsd7’), I had to modify two files, namely, build/unix/compiledata.sh and core/editline/src/readline.cxx: diffs to the files are attached.

On FreeBSD, bash is usually in /usr/local/bin, whereas in almost all Linux environment it is found in /bin, and therefore I’ve changed the shebang from ‘#!/bin/bash’ to ‘#!/usr/bin/env bash’.

There’s no alloca.h on FreeBSD; instead, alloca(3) only needs stdlib.h.
Therefore, ‘#include <alloca.h>’ was surrounded by ‘#ifndef FreeBSD#endif’ clause.

diffs-for-freebsd7st-v5.25.02.tar.gz (466 Bytes)

Hi Kazuyoshi,

thanks for your patch to editline! It’s now in ROOT’s trunk, r30664.

I expect Fons will take care of the other part.

Cheers, Axel.

The /bin/bash issue is now fixed in the trunk.

Cheers, Fons.