Difficulties using SMatrix::SimilarityT

Dear ROOTers

In my code, I have to calculate A’WA where W is symmetric. In order to do this, I found the method ROOT::Math::SimilarityT.

Using the following minimalized code:

typedef double value_t; ROOT::Math::SMatrix<value_t,8,4> A; ... fill A ... ROOT::Math::MatRepSym<value_t,8> W; ... fill W ... and then ATWA = ROOT::Math::SimilarityT(A,W); where ATWA is MatRepSym<value_t,4> as well.

When I try to compile this, I get

[code]lxplus303:SurveyAnalysis/src> scramv1 b
Reading cached build data

Local Products Rules … started
Local Products Rules … done
Compiling {snip}CMSSW_3_5_0/src/Alignment/SurveyAnalysis/src/SurveyPxbImageLocalFit.cc
{snip}/CMSSW_3_5_0/src/Alignment/SurveyAnalysis/src/SurveyPxbImageLocalFit.cc: In member function ‘void SurveyPxbImageLocalFit::doFit()’:
{snip}/CMSSW_3_5_0/src/Alignment/SurveyAnalysis/src/SurveyPxbImageLocalFit.cc:81: error: no matching function for call to 'Similarity(ROOT::Math::SMatrix<double, 8u, 4u, ROOT::Math::MatRepStd<double, 8u, 4u> >&, ROOT::Math::MatRepSym<double, 8u>&)'
gmake: *** [tmp/slc5_ia32_gcc434/src/Alignment/SurveyAnalysis/src/AlignmentSurveyAnalysis/SurveyPxbImageLocalFit.o] Error 1[/code]

(As you can see, I use the incarnation of ROOT in CMSSW, tf. scramv1 as build tool and ROOT in version 5.22/00d (branches/v5-22-00-patches@29532, Jan 27 2010, 15:18:00 on linux))

Doing the same thing using normal matrices and writing the expression as ATWA = ROOT::Math::Transpose(A) * W * A; works fine. I can live with this, but assume that it is less efficient than SimilarityT (this will be calculated several hundred times per call of my routine).

Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry for my late reply. I hope you have found the problem in the meantime. If not, you need to use a symmetric matrix type in the Similarity function.
MatRepSym is just the representation type and not the matrix class.

Here is a possible working code:

typedef double value_t; 
ROOT::Math::SMatrix<value_t,8,4> A; 

ROOT::Math::SMatrix<value_t, 8, 8, ROOT::Math::MatRepSym<value_t,8> > W; 
// after filling the matrix A and W 

ROOT::Math::SMatrix<value_t, 4, 4, ROOT::Math::MatRepSym<value_t,4> >  ATWA = ROOT::Math::SimilarityT(A,W);

See also the ref doc at

project-mathlibs.web.cern.ch/pro … d75ed428ac

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