Different results when training TMVAMulticlass with same input events

Hi everyone!

I’m training a Multiclass classifier with TMVAMulticlass and obtaining slightly different results when using the same input events but selected from different files (with exactly the same selection applied).
Any idea about which could be the cause of this? The TestTree and TrainTree are exactly identical in the output files, but the training is different.
Could there be some random selection/seed applied that is chosen differently in both trainings?
By the way, I’m using the BDTG method.

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @evalient,

@moneta might be able to shed some light here. We would probably also need some code excerpt to tell if there’s something wrong there.


Thanks for the quick reply.
I’ve attached the code I’m using.
Hope it’s useful.



Does anyone have any idea about what is happening here?

Thanks in advance.