Different "Entries" for TTree

Dear ROOTers,

I have created the Tree with some data. Now, when I type:
root[] trackTree->Draw(“fTrack.fNextVolume”,“fnStep==1 && fTrack.f2ndry==0”)

I get in console: (Int_t)100000 which I expect but on plotted histogram it’s written “Entries 100014”. Why there is the difference?

ROOT version 4.00/02
$>uname -a
Linux 2.6.8-24.14-default #1 Tue Mar 29 09:27:43 UTC 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Could you try with the PRO release 4.04/02?
If you still have the problem post a running script and a data file
reproducing the problem.


I checked it with smaller file (10.000 events instead of 100.000) on lxplus.cern.ch and /afs/cern.ch/sw/root/v4.04.02/slc3_gcc3.2.3/root (i.e. ROOT 4.04/02). Console gives “(Long64_t)10000” and the same “Entries 10000” on the plot. So, it works.

Just to fulfill the check, same file (10.000 events) in ROOT 4.00/02 gives in the console “(Int_t)10000” and on the plot “Entries 10013”.

So, upgrade helps :slight_smile:
Thank you!

The file which I have is the output of my GEANT4 program. Since I store quite some data, it’s really big (10.000events -> ~19Mbyte). And it fact one file contains two trees (one is filled event by event and another is step by step, i.e. many times during one event). At present there is the copy in my home directory on lxplus.cern.ch So, if you can tell me where I can upload it (or if you accept such big e-mail message), I will do it.

P.S. There is no special script to analyse this data but I just type simple commands (like the one mentioned before:

root[] trackTree->Draw(“fTrack.fNextVolume”,“fnStep==1 && fTrack.f2ndry==0”)


Tell me where to find the file via /afs.



This problem has been fixed in version 5. It was a double counting in TSelectorDraw.