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Different branches in signal and background trees for TMVA

Dear experts,
in my signal tree I’ve additional branches wrt the background tree,
and I want to use them to apply a cut on the signal events
using TCut mycuts = “tree_FJ_ishs == 1”,
while for the background selection I use
variables with are common to both trees.

I get a runtime error:
– DataSetFactory : Create training and testing trees – looping over class “Signal” …
— DataSetFactory : Weight expression for class ‘Signal’: “”
– DataSetFactory : Weight expression for class ‘Background’: “”
Error in TTreeFormula::Compile: Bad numerical expression : “tree_FJ_ishs”
— DataSetFactory : Expression tree_FJ_ishs==1 could not be resolved to a valid formula.

Is that expected?
I’m confused that the tree_FJ_ishs variable seems to be used for the bckground dataset preparation.


In order to reproduce the problem, could you provide a reproducer macro and a snapshot of the data?


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@testa Hi, I am encountering the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?
Thanks in advance.


Hi, unfortunately not. At the end I added the variable also to the tree for the background.