Different branch values of different root versions

I have an example root file attached. I can get access to values from one of branches by


in the root interactive mode. However, the values returned are different in different root versions. For example, if I look at it in root v4.04, all ‘_Rmu’ values are 0, that is not correct! if I use newer root version like v5.20, then every value looks right. I believe this is from bug(s) of old root version. The problem is that I need to get access to the file in old root version. Could anybody provide me with a practical solution to get right values in old root?

test.root (163 KB)


I can not reproduce the problem (i.e. my ROOT v4/04 returns the same values as v5/20). Note that your ROOT file was written with the newer version of ROOT (v5/20) and likely use the compression method that is not readable with version of ROOT older than v4/02. So if your old version of ROOT is v4/04, it should be able to read the file (and since I can’t reproduce the problem I do not know what work around to give you).