Difference between XYZPoint and XYZVector

What is the difference between an XYZPoint object and an XYZVector object?

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According to the Point 3D Page and the Vector 3D Page:
ROOT::Math::XYZPoint point based on x,y,z coordinates (cartesian) in double precision
ROOT::Math::XYZVector vector based on x,y,z coordinates (cartesian) in double precision

Hi, I have looked at those pages, but I don’t understand what the difference is (if any). I just see they both have the same members and functions.


The ROOT::Math::XYZPoint is a position and ROOT::Math::XYZVector a displacement. Maybe @emoneta can give more details…

For example, you can add two DisplacementVectors, but you cannot add two PositionVectors, as it does not make sense to ‘add’ two points.

Also, I think that, if you have two coordinate systems, one translated from each other, the PositionVector of a point P is different in each coordinate system, but a DisplacementVector would be exactly the same.