Difference between RootTalk web forum and mailing list?


In root.cern.ch/drupal/content/contact-us , it is stated that there exists both:

  1. A RootTalk web forum


  1. A RootTalk mailing list, visible on the web at:


It is rather confusing to have two different forum’s with almost the same name. I guess there is no chance of merging them ? I would suggest in any case improving the “Forum” tag on the ROOT home page. Currently, when you hover your mouse pointer over it, it only brings up one option “RootTalk digest” which takes one to (2). It is not obvious that you have to ignore this and click on the “Forum” tag itself to get to (1).

It would also be good to clarify which of (1) and (2) should be used for typical user queries.



ideally we would only support the forum, but many users still like to communicate via a mailing list. So instead f replacing the RootTalk mailing list with the RootTalk forum we got stuck with both :wink: I’ll see how to make the the forum button more obvious.

Cheers, Fons.