Difference Between GetAvalancheSize() and GetNumberOfElectronEndpoints()

I was going through a gem example, and I was wondering why aval->GetAvalancheSize(ne, ni) and aval->GetNumberOfElectronEndpoints() from Avalanche Microscopic return two difference amounts of electrons? In the Avalanche Microscopic header file, the ne in GetAvalancheSize is returns m_nElectrons and GetNumberOfElectronEndpoints is returned with m_endpointsElectrons.size()

Here is a sample of my output. Total Avalached Electrons refers to GetAvalacheSize(ne,ni) amd Endpoints refers to GetNumberOfElectronEndpoints()

The difference is due to attachment. GetNumberOfElectronEndpoints returns all electron trajectories in the avalanche, including the ones of electrons that stopped because of attachment. In GetAvalancheSize these electrons are not counted.

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