Dictionary generation problem


I try to initialize a static bool membre of a class with the result of a member function of another class but the dictionary generation give me this error :

Error: illegal pointer to class object TDBEntryFactory::Instance() 0x0 509 ../src/DataBase/TDBEntry.tpp:97: Warning: Error occurred during reading source files Warning: Error occurred during dictionary source generation !!!Removing Dictionary.cpp Dictionary.h !!! Error: rootcint: error loading headers...

note : TDBEntryFactory::Instance() is a static function which return the unique instance of a TDBEntryFactory class (Singleton class).

This code compiles with GCC.

I make a typedef like that :

but I don’t add it to the linkdef, maybe it is one of the reasons? What is the syntax to add it?


please post the header, or at least the part that’s necessary to reproduce this.