Dictionary generation problem with gsl and boost headers


I want to generate a dictionary for [attachment=2]RooModelPdf.h[/attachment].

rootcint -f myDict.cxx -c (HEPfitINC) (Boost_inc) (GSL_INC) (ROOTINC) -p RooModelPdf.h LinkDef.h

leads to [attachment=1]rootcint_errors.txt[/attachment]. How can this be resolved? It seems cint is trying to parse over all the header files in (HEPfitINC), is this really necessary? Or is there a way to skip the headers in (Boost_inc) $(GSL_INC)? Or am I missing it all, the dictionary generation procedure?

LinkDef.h (322 Bytes)
rootcint_errors.txt (298 KB)
RooModelPdf.h (2.57 KB)


Note that this kind of problems are solved in v6 (by using cling instead of cint).

Indeed CINT does not support the kind of C++ using in boost header and thus they must be hidden from CINT. For example with #ifndef __CINT__ #include "boost/headerfile.h" #else // if really needed forward declare some of the content of the boost header using in this class namespace boost { class Something; } #endif


Thanks Philippe. I’d rather move to ROOT v6. For the thing I am trying to construct I have to take out the MultiNest plugin in rootdev.git’s roostats-5.34 and use it with ROOT v6: https://github.com/shehu0/RootMultiNest.git.