Dictionary generation for stl

Dear all
i’ve a tree with stl vectors and i generated with MakeSelector the code
to test analysis on it.
After adding the missing include i can’t get it working due to errors requiring dictionary generation. i’ve tried to add some lines on top, following user guide, but without success. I’m sure it’s very trivial, please can you give some hints ?

File under mbellomo/public/ZmumuAnalysis.root
tree name is EWtree and generated code is EWtree.C and .h



I just tried with your file. I added #include at the top and it compiled nicely via ACliC (i.e. .L EWtree.C+). [Also you will need to remove the line fChain->SetMakeClass(1); to turn off the emulation mode which is not needed in your case.

Also note that the dictionary for vector, vector<double, etc is already available in ROOT. So to make your code work you might have to do:

// loads the vector dictonary root [] #include <vector> root [] .L EWtree.C+ (and you do not need the pragma link for the vector in your header file).


Thanks a lot !