Development Release 6.13/02

We are happy to announce the ROOT development release 6.13/02. It is a
preview of the upcoming 6.14. Some of its highlights:

  • LZ4 is now the default compression format, accelerating reading by
    factors; see e.g. this presentation
  • New graphics style “ATLAS" - thanks, ATLAS!
  • Auto-coloring for TF1 (drawing options PFC, PLC and PMC)
  • New color palette “cividis” compatible with color vision deficiency
  • Memory footprint reduction and a faster ROOT due to reduced reading of
    its PCH
  • Improved performance of parallelised operations - thread safety has
    been enhanced with a read-write lock, also reducing contention during
    gROOT and TObject destructions.
  • I/O support for std::vector with custom allocator.
  • C++17 support: you can enable it with the “-Dcxx17=ON” cmake option
  • Added templated version TBuffer::WriteObject
  • Implement reading of objects data from JSON; new TBufferJSON::ToJSON()
    and TBufferJSON::FromJSON() methods
  • New ROOT::Experimental::TVec allows to spell operations on vector
    elements without loops, also in TDataFrame

You can download binaries and sources from

Thanks to everyone who fixed and reported bugs!

Cheers, Axel,
for the ROOT Team.

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