Dev C++ and Root

Hello, I am having some trouble linking Dev C++ (Orwell version 5.11 on a Win XP machine {i have to use xp for a daq software for my hardware}) and wondered if anyone had suggestions. I am linkining in the project options and have the direcotry included and the libs in as includes aswell but it stops at

or any other Root library. It also does this when using

#include "{root dir}/TH1".

any ideas?

That also does not work unfortunately

Well, then, while compiling, you probably miss “-I${ROOTSYS}/include”.
BTW. Note that for your own application on Windoze, in general you need to use exactly the same compiler / linker and the same flags that were used for ROOT.

I got that working, it was missing -I ‘${ROOTSYS}\include’. For some reason the program Dev-C++ did not add it in the compiler despite it being set to. Now though, it can not find -lHist and -lTree in the linker depite me hard adding it to the compiler linker call. Any suggestions?

Your linker command line needs something like “-L${ROOTSYS}/lib” (before “-lHist -lTree …”).

Tried that. Now I get “main.o: no such file or directory”

Apparently you are missing your “main” object file.

Found the problem, needed to install root from source in cygwin terminal to get it to work with gcc