Derived TCanvas class - ProcessedEvent(...) signal

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I am having trouble with a class I derived from TCanvas. The idea was to add a function which would Connect to its own ProcessedEvent(…) signal, on “mouseDown” it would mark a region using the TCutG and on “mouseRelease” would write into TLegend a number of counts in the marked area. However, it appears that the ProcessedEvent(…) is not emitting signals. I believe I am missing something to initiate the signal emission, but I don’t see what. I am attaching relevant bits of code.

Thank you!!
Matus (3.0 KB)

That’s a weird use case. I’ll try to investigate. The first thing I see is that the RQ_OBJECT("TSpyCanvas") is most probably not needed.
BTW, having a running example would be better (that would save a bit of our time)

I know that it might look weird, but I though this will be the path of minimal effort… Anyway, I put together (non)working example.

tspycanvas.tar (20 KB)

…you can try to use it with right-click - “DoIntegral”

As I said, remove the RQ_OBJECT("TSpyCanvas") and try again

Oh, thanks :man_facepalming:

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