Deploying VC++.Net win2000 built MFC application to winXP


I have a problem. I succesfully wrote, compiled and built a small MFC dialog based ROOT (5.06) application under Visual (Standard, 2003) in a Windows 2000 pc. I made everything as the pages on suggested for this case. After I made an installation project (an installation file) and installed on my win2000 pc it worked well as a standalone program (MFC in a Static Library). And it also worked when I deployed it to a windows XP. I succesfully installed it on it and it run well. It only used TNtuple, TH1F and TArrayF classes.

Then I wrote another one which uses the TGraph class. There was no problem compiling, building it, making an installation file, and install it on my win2000 pc. But after installing it on an XP and running it, it crashes. The
error message says that something is wrong with the libgraf.lib and/or libgraf.dll.

Can somebody help me?


Hi Balint,

Well, mixing Root and MFCs is not advised.
I strongly suggest to not use MFC, but to use Root GUI to create your application. Root is a framework, after all… :wink:
Anyway, you can still send me ( your code (zipped, with MS solution files) and I will take a look.