DelphesPythia8 TreeWriter Error

ROOT Version: 6.22
Platform: MacOS Big Sur
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to run DelphesPythia8 with pileup from a process generated on MadGraph, but for some reason I have a constant error with the module TreeWriter. I’m very new to much of this, and can’t figure out why this error is occurring. It runs perfectly fine with all other Delphes cards, but for some reason it just won’t run with the PileUp card. I’m attaching the error log as well as the card to this post, I greatly appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Thanks so much.
delphes_card_CMS_PileUp.txt (24.4 KB)
Error Message.txt (13.9 KB)

Hi @UneasyPlum ,
welcome to the ROOT forum and sorry for the high latency!

This looks like a Delphes-related error (TreeWriter is not part of ROOT), so you might have better luck in a forum/mailing list dedicated to Delphes. Also note that the txt files you attached do not seem to contain the actual error message.


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