Delete key doesn't work?

OK, I’m fairly new to root, and have run into a problem that’s slowing me down. The problem is how to get the delete key to work at the root command prompt? All I get is a ~ character and a beep. Shouldn’t it inherit key settings from the xterm window it’s running in?

Using SuSe 7.3? Linux, X11, fvwm2 window manager, standard US keyboard.


Hi James,
“delete key” works differently to "backspace key’.

backspace - deletes symbol located previously to cursor position
delete - deletes symbol AT cursor position.

root [1] qwerty

To delete ‘y’ symbol with “delete key” cursor
must be positioned under ‘y’.

Regards. Valeriy

Check what “stty -a” says for the the erase key. Make sure that the delete key issues this code. Normally backspace is used.

– Fons